Transit Visa

Transit Visa


Transit Visas are Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) useful for people who are traveling to countries while going through a no. of countries. For Example, if you are airborne from US to UK and your flight will halt/ layover in any Canadian airport for less than 48 hours, you need to apply for a transit visa in that case. There is no monetary cost charged in the transit visa application process and comes out of a simple process just like any other visa application process.

Apply for a transit visa by first filling the submission form for a Temporary Resident Visa also known as a Visitor Visa and later select the option of transit visa from one of the columns in the form. And, if you are looking for an ETA to mark your visit to Canada on March 15, you will also need an ETA to leave through Canada as it falls under a national holiday.

If your application seems worthy, you will be updated with further request for:

  • Police Officer approved certificate
  • A medical check
  • A personal interview date

Lifetime Immigration provides this service for tourists travelling to Canada.

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