Partner and dependent children

Partner and dependent children

Sponsor Eligibility

You are eligible to sponsor a spouse or a common law or conjugal partner or dependent children living outside Canada

  • The person has to be a member of the family class
  • You are above the age of 18 years or exactly of the same age
  • You are a valid permanent resident of Canada or a citizen of Canada
  • You stay in Canada
  • In case you are a Canadian citizen but not residing in Canada, then you can sponsor partner, spouse or dependent children in Canada but demonstrate valid will and reason that you will live in Canada once the spouse/partner/children get Canadian citizenship.
  • You have to agree to an undertaking wherein you would be eligible to provide for the basic requirements of the person being sponsored and moved in to Canada.
  • You and the person being sponsored have to sign a mutual agreement that confirms the mutual understanding & obligations towards each other to avoid discord in a foreign country.

Who is a common spouse/partner?

Spouse: legally valid marriage in the country of origin and under the scope of Canadian law

Common-law partner: the couple must complete 1 year of uninterrupted cohabitation in matrimonial relationship

Conjugal Partner: Conjugal/matrimonial relationship for a minimum of 12 months

Same sex conjugal relationships: These relationships are considered valid for immigration purposes under similar categories

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