Prolong your stay in Canada

Current or former students holding a PGWP whose status as a student has expired or is about to expire in the next 90 days, must apply to extend it. It is not possible to leave the country at this point in time due to the fact that borders have closed and travel restrictions are in full effect as of March 18, 2020. If applicants entered Canada as a visitor, temporary worker, or student, they may apply to extend their stay as a temporary resident. They will be thus eligible for implied status which allows them to continue to maintain their temporary resident status in Canada while their extension is being processed by IRCC. During this period, the international students/workers may continue to study and/or work within the limit set by their original study/work permit. Note that any other members of the family (spouse, common-law partner, and/or dependent children) who wish to elongate their stay in Canada must apply independently. For successful applications, candidates will receive an immigration document stating a new expiry date of their visa.

Eligibility criteria:

Candidate must

  • submit their application to prolong their stay before the original expiry date of their visa;
  • continue to meet the initial requirements of their stay; and
  • meet the requirements of the category under which they are currently applying to be restored as a temporary resident


Contact us if your status/visa is about to expire. We, at Lifetime Immigration, shall assist you through the process of restoring your status

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