Mon Projet Quebec and Programme d’Experience Quebecoise

Mon Projet Quebec and Programme d’Experience Quebecoise

Mon Projet Quebec and Programme d’Experience Quebecoise are French for My Quebec Project and Quebec Experience Program. It is a special immigration program that is applicable in the province of Quebec in Canada. In this blog, we will shed some light on both the programs that are of use to both students and the ones coming to the province under the skilled worker program.


Mon Projet Quebec is an online tool that is used by the applicants who are to submit a permanent selection application for Regular Skilled Worker Program. According to the immigration laws, people who want to apply for residency in Quebec need to do that through the Arrima portal. There’s where you get the Mon Projet Quebec tool.

When using this tool one must use either a personal computer or a tablet. A Smartphone is not well equipped to access or navigate My Project Quebec. There is a virtual room where once you enter the portal they will direct you. Here you have to stand in a queue if there is high traffic of visitors. It allows you to see exactly how many people are there ahead of you in line.


The first condition for students to be eligible for this program is that they have to study full time in Quebec. The eligibility further extends to the following courses:

  1. Diploma of Vocational Studies followed by Attestation of Vocational Specialization
  2. Diploma of College studies (technical training)
  3. Bachelor’s Degree
  4. MBA or Master’s Degree
  5. Doctorate

The degree must be granted by an institution or university that the government recognized and located in Quebec. Apart from that the student must have an intermediate-advanced level of expertise in French and must have lived in Quebec for at least half of the total duration of the course attended.


First things first, the applicant for this program must be a temporary resident in Quebec as a foreign worker. He/she must have full-time employment in Quebec for a period of 12 months. There is however no need the 12 months be under one employer only.

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