Moving to Canada? Here’s what you need to know.

Moving to Canada? Here’s what you need to know.

Canada is considered one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world. Thousands of immigrants move to Canada every year to avail the advantages of the progressive system and the strong economy of the country. Because of these benefits and opportunities, more and more people are opting for immigration service for Canada in Cameroon. They apply for a Canadian visa for different purposes. Some move there to study, some for working there, some visit Canada as a tourist, and some apply for the permanent residential visa to settle in Canada permanently with the other family members. There are many immigration consultants that help the immigrants to move to Canada guiding them in the right way. From filling the application to managing the paperwork, the consultants do everything till the immigrants are able to move to Canada with the visa in hand.

Now, let’s talk about the different types of Canadian visas.

People, who are applying for immigration to Canada from Cameroon, can apply for any of these visas according to the purpose of immigrating.

Temporary visa: –

The temporary visa of Canada is for those who want to stay there for a short period of time. This means workers, students, and tourists can apply for this type of Canadian visa. So, if you are not planning to be there for long and if you are sure you are going to come back to Cameroon, apply for a temporary visa.

Student visa: –

If you want to move to Canada for further studies, you should apply for a student visa in Canada. Your student permit will serve as your visa for the entire duration of your studies. For the full-time students studying in the registered institutions and universities, the study permit or the student visa also allows them to do part-time jobs within the campus itself.  

Super visa especially for the grandparents and parents: –

This category of Canadian visa is for the parents and the grandparents who all want to visit and stay with their children or grandchildren living in Canada. The super visa is not permanent. You must make a note of that. It is valid for ten years maximum. But, if you want your parents and grandparents to stay with you permanently, you can opt for the family sponsorship program of Canada.

Visitor visa: –

You can apply for this type of Canadian visa if you are planning to visit the country to spend your vacations. A visitor visa ensures you are coming back to your own place and the visa is temporary. You can consider a visitor visa as one type of temporary visa.

Work permit: –

A Canadian work permit is issued only to the eligible individuals who want to move to Canada to work for a certain period of time. The Canadian work permit or work visa lets the businesspersons and workers work there in Canada on a temporary basis.

Permanent visa: –

You are eligible to get a permanent visa in Canada if you are there for more than five years. Once you complete five years in Canada, you can apply for a permanent visa to settle there as the resident. Also after three years of work or stay in Canada on the PR card, you become eligible to change the PR status to the citizenship of Canada.

Once you are aware of the different types of Canadian visas, you can apply for anyone of it according to your purpose for immigration to Canada from Cameroon. You can consult an immigration consultant to execute the entire immigration process with ease. Here’s the entire Canadian immigration process.

Steps to follow for immigration to Canada from Cameroon.

The immigrant needs to start the process by reading out the instructions provided by the immigration consultant and then continue as follows.

Application forms: –

The immigrants will have to fill out the application form as per the instructions of the consultant. Trying to do it yourself can increase the chances of making mistakes, which will not be accepted. Once you are done with filling the application form, you will have to submit it along with the valid documents required for a visa. But, if you have hired a consultant, you don’t have to worry. The consultant will do it for you.

Creation of the profile of the immigrant: –

Once everything is verified, the immigrant’s profile is created in the computed in the business class, family class, or any of the other classes of the Canadian immigration law. Then the immigrant is going to receive an email for signature. After this, if any other information is needed for the visa, the immigrant will be sent an email and he or she will have to reply via the same.

Once everything is fine and no other information is required anymore, the Canadian visa office sends an acknowledgment receipt to the immigrant notifying him or her that he or she is eligible to get the visa. The immigrant also gets to know the date of the interview in the visa office. Preparing the immigrants for the interview is the responsibility of the immigration consultant. So, do not worry about that. Once you clear the interview you are ready to fly to Canada with your visa.

So, that was all about immigration to Canada from Cameroon. If you find it easy-to-understand, make sure to hire a good Canadian immigration consultant now.

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