Vicky Dussaram

Vicky Dussaram

Dear Mr Badal / Mrs Nirmala,

Thanks a lot for your mail.
It’s indeed a very good news for me and my family after so many years of struggle and the very difficult situations that we’ve gone through.

First of all a very big thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you ( Mr Badal , Mrs Nirmala ) have done for me throughout all these years with all your precious advices in all my stressful moments when my work permit got rejected and I was subject to the scam and lost all hopes of being successful to go to Canada. I also recall that I was so disappointed and wanted to cancel everything as my file was completely messed up by the scam from professional job recruiters ltd and it was only because of your last resort advice to keep my profile active for another 1 – 2 months that all these was possible ( I will never forget that )

I will also never forget the precious advice from Mrs Nirmala to have faith in god ( no matter what has happened if you have to go you will succeed irrespective of what has been done wrong by some fraudulent people outside , have faith and keep trying and never give up till the end ) in my most difficult times ) I have no words to describe all these and will not be able to thank you enough for all you have done for me down the years.

I know that many many times I have troubled you with all sorts of questions / explanations , came to see Mr Badal personally whenever he was in Mauritius , I even phoned him to disturb him when he was at night sleeping , I didn’t even thought of that because of time difference between Mauritius and Canada ( sorry for that Mr Badal ) but even then he was always there to respond to my call in the most desperate times of mine.

Not to forget all the times I have sent very very long emails for all my all queries to Mrs Nirmala but who has always taken the time to advise me , taken the time to listen to me to all my queries , lots of phone calls throughout the years , for which I shall be very much grateful and will be always very much appreciated.To my IELTS and TEF teacher Mrs Vidoushi who has helped me a lot and without whom I will never have been able to get the C1’s in TEF without her precious advices and counselling.

And to all Lifetime Team a very WARM thank you for all the good work you has been doing as always not only for me but also to lots of friends or family members who I have always referred to your good company , many of whom are already in Canada and others already in process , I have never came across any disappointment from these referrals which is indeed huge testimony of the great job you people at Lifetime are doing. A big hats off to each and everyone of you.

I will surely complete all the remaining formalities as already discussed with Mrs Nirmala the soonest possible. Even if I’m unable to express my gratitude to you and even if I’m short of words , I will again say A VERY BIG BIG THANK YOU to you all for everything.

From the bottom of my heart me and all my family what you and LIFETIME IMMIGRATION means in our own words – LIFETIME IMMIGRATION is A LIFETIME RELATIONSHIP BONDING WHICH ENABLE PEOPLE LIKE US TO DARE TO DREAM FOR A BETTER FUTURE FOR OUR FAMILY AND CHILDREN which has only be made possible with all your dedication hard work and professionalism which will always be blessed, cherished and never forgotten till the end of our LIFETIME

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