Stephan Anouchka

Stephan Anouchka

Dear Mr. Badal and all those who helped us in achieving our goal,

It is with an immense pleasure that I am writing this email as a testimonial for our success.
We did it!!

After long hours, long days, long months of waiting we finally landed in Canada with our Permanent resident status.
I remember our first day at Lifetime Immigration office in Port Louis where we met for the first time Mr Badal.
While examining our application, he was confident that we will be able to succeed in our endeavor.
My wife Anouchka and I were filled with a mixed feeling of joy and stress.
Joy because Mr Badal gave us that positive thinking we were looking for and stress because the new page of our history will soon start.

With the assistance of my file manager, who was available, anytime (working hours), for our queries, even on Sunday when sending our application to meet the targeted deadline. A big thanks to her for her followup and good job.

Now that we are in Canada, we are filled with the wow effect since our first day.
Our daughter arrived on time for the school and we are now applying for new jobs and this is the last step in our settlement.

Thank you for all your efforts.

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