Dear Amal Bhayi and Kavita bhabhi,

Good evening

I am writing this letter after meeting my wife and kids completely since January 2019. In this period my wife came to Pakistan twice and my son
visited me in UK in 2021, August. I met my daughter after 4 years due to expiry of my PR card.
I have a painful memory of this 04 years where i have to live alone. Diabetes has brought my physical condition down; I have lost 15 Kg of weight,
developed uncontrolled DM and started using insulin, had a bad accident ripping of my right shoulder which is still not healed. I was depressed & felt that our family will be never reunited. The attitude and the behaviour of the immigration officer investigating my case in Abudhabi Canadian consulate was the Icing on the cake.
But in all these dark moment you guys were the beacon of light for me. I was always hopeful that a credible and competent lawyer is handling my case.
Your steps were legitimate and you were fare with me . I have always been recommending you to whoever asked me for a immigration lawyer.

Me and my family are extremely thankful for the help you provided and vow to keep you in our prayers.


Syed Raza
New immigrant to Canada

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