PNP Candidates with a CRS score of 692 were invited in the 145th Express Entry draw held on April 29, 2020

PNP Candidates with a CRS score of 692 were invited in the 145th Express Entry draw held on April 29, 2020

A total number of 589 PNP candidates from the Express Entry pool were invited. The requirement for basic human capital points was only 92 points since these candidates had already received 600 additional points from having a provincial nomination.


It should be pointed out that Express Entry candidates with a provincial nomination receive an additional 600 points toward their CRS score, which explains the higher cut-off score.


April 29 Express Entry draw is the 12th of the year 2020 and this brings the total ITAs issued this year to 30,989


To date, April 29, 2020, specific Express Entry draw has seen the lowest CRS requirement for a provincial nomination program (PNP). It may be recalled that April 9, 2020, Express Entry draw had invited Express Candidates with PNP nominations with a CRS score of 698.


2020 has started off as a great year for Express Entry candidates despite the Coronavirus crisis. It could be observed that in the first quarter of the Year 2020, more candidates from the Express Entry pool received ITAs compared to the first quarters of the Year 2019 and 2018. The frequency of Express Entry draws has increased from the time when Canada announced its travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The graph below shows a comparison of ITAs issued to date and annual target admissions since the Express Entry system was launched in 2015:



It is worth noting that 8,389 ITAs have been sent out to Express Entry Candidates so far last month in April. The Express Entry draw which was held on April 16, 2020, invited candidates with a CRS score of 455.

IRCC has actually held 7 Express Entry draws mainly targeting candidates who have Canadian Experience and candidates with provincial nomination since March 18, 2020, while earlier in February 2020 8,000 ITAs were allotted to candidates from the Express Entry pool.

It is presumed that Canada under its 2020-20222 Immigration Levels Plan is aiming to invite 341,000 immigrants in 2020, 351,000 in the next year, and in 2022 a total number of 361,000. It is also reported that there will be an increase of 20% of PNP admissions by the end of 2022.




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