OINP Express Entry Notifications of Interest: January 2024

OINP Express Entry Notifications of Interest: January 2024


• January 18, 2024
984 Notifications of Interest (NOIs) issued.
Round Type: French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream
CRS score: 317-469

French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream

The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program systematically conducts draws bi-monthly, with occasional exceptions, and notably, the pertinent information regarding these draws is not disseminated by the government of Ontario in advance. The most recent draw under the purview of the Ontario PNP transpired on January 18, 2024. During this event, a discerning total of 984 Notification of Interest (NOIs) were issued exclusively to candidates falling under the French-speaking skilled Worker stream.

The selection criteria, as denoted by the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), ranged from 317 to 469. These precise details afford an authoritative glimpse into the current dynamics of the Ontario PNP, offering a comprehensive understanding of the program’s ongoing candidate selection procedures.

How you can benefit as a French Speaker

When establishing your profile, it’s essential to demonstrate proficiency in one of Canada’s official languages: French or English.

Opt for your stronger language as your primary official language to maximize your likelihood of earning more points. For robust French language skills, you can attain an additional 50 points, even if French is your second language.

If you achieve a Niveaux de Compétence Linguistique Canadiens (NCLC) level 7 or higher in all four French language skills, you can receive:

• 25 extra points if you scored a Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) level 4 or lower in English (or if you didn’t take an English test).

• 50 additional points if you scored CLB 5 or higher in all four English language skills.

Category-based rounds

Category-based rounds occur annually, inviting eligible candidates from the Express Entry pool for specific categories to meet identified economic goals. These rounds complement general and program-specific rounds by inviting high-ranking candidates capable of contributing to these specific objectives. French language proficiency is designated as one of the selected categories for 2023.

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