Express Entry 156th PNP Draw_July 22, 2020

Express Entry 156th PNP Draw_July 22, 2020

On July 22, 2020, 557 PNP candidates received their Invitation to Apply letters (ITAs). The CRS cut-off score for this draw was at 687.  Only candidates who were nominated from a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and who submitted their profile before November 11, 2019, at 08:51:21 UTC were invited to apply for Permanent Residence. If more than one candidate has the lowest score, the cut-off is based on the date and time they submitted their Express Entry profiles.

It should be pointed out that Express Entry candidates with a provincial nomination receive an additional 600 points towards their CRS score, which explains the higher cut-off score. The requirement for basic human capital points would have been only 87 points without the additional points from the provincial nomination.

July 22, 2020, Express Entry PNP specific draw has seen the lowest CRS requirement so far in 2020.

The numbers in this table reflect the total number of people in the pool overall, a few days before an invitation round. The score distribution may change as people submit new profiles and other profiles expire.

Note: The table numbers in italics are a detailed breakdown of the bold number immediately above.

Till date, a total of 9 PNP draws were held. It may be recalled that the last PNP draw held on June 24, 2020, invited Express Entry candidates with a CRS score of 696.

The total ITAs so far this year amounts to 54,357 as illustrated by the graph below:

The graph shows a comparison of ITAs issued to date and annual target admissions since the Express Entry system was launched in 2015.


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