Avail the Canadian Study Permit from Mauritius

Avail the Canadian Study Permit from Mauritius

Canada, on an average, welcomes more than 3 lucks international student on a yearly basis. The Canadian economy is ever-growing, and with the collaboration of top government authorized universities it gives a tremendous opportunity for the student to craft their career.

As a matter of fact, the universities offer both long term and short term courses. Therefore, depending on the requirements, the students are allowed to choose the duration of the course. However, if you are going for course duration less than 6 months in time, then there’s no need to apply for a visa.

In order to be a part of the Canadian educational system, you need to get the study permit for Canada in Mauritius approval from the Canadian government. However, the university should be a government authorized institution. But, there are certain criteria you need to fulfil, however; if you want you can extend the study permit as well.

Basic Criteria to Match

Nevertheless, to get your certification done in Canada, be it any kind of course, such as professional, academic or vocational, you need to get the study permit approved. Once you get the approval, you will be allowed to continue your study in Canada. However, these are the criteria that you need to comply with:

  • Before applying to the Canadian study permit, you must receive the letter of acceptance by the authorized Canadian government.
  • Now you need to get the visa application package, for that you need to answer a few questions as well on the CIC website. Even you can get the package from the local Canadian embassy.
  • Once your application gets verified, you will be provided with a personal checklist code, which will be valid for 60 days. Make sure you download the page along with the code. This page will include, further instructions that you need to follow, your estimated tuition fees and documents you need to submit.
  • You need to send your documents for verification, and for that, you need to create a MyCIC account using the code.
  • Once the process is complete, along with the complete payment of fees. Now you can submit your application to CIC.

These are the criteria you need to follow, for further process, you may have to attend an interview in the local visa office.  Fulfilling all the requirements will surely help you get the student permit for Canada in Mauritius

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